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MARL STRONGLY supports the Spay/Neuter of pets.

One of the most effective ways to control the overpopulation of dogs and cats in our communities is education of the public and strong spay/neuter programs.

Animals that are adopted from MARL must be spay/neutered.

Having thousands of stray un-spayed/un-neutered in central Mississippi is not a healthy situation for the animals, and left unchecked will only grow. Animals will continue to mate and have babies. Cats can start having kittens at 41/2 months and have an average of 1-2 litters a year with 4-6 kittens per litter. Dogs can have puppies at 6 months. A fertile female dog has an average of 1 litter per year with 4-6 puppies.

There are simply too many animals and not enough homes. It is estimated that in Mississippi approximately 73,000 dogs and cats are put down each year because there was no home available. As an open shelter MARL feels the impact of overpopulation every day. We currently accept animals from 15 city and municipality animal control and walk in give-ups from the public. Every animal that comes in cannot be guaranteed a home, but we certainly work hard towards that goal. We have a different set of issues when we get in 50-60 animals a day versus a limited admission or “no kill” shelter that will turn animals away when they are full.

Check with your local veterinarian about special programs to spay or neuter your pet. There may be a high volume/low cost spay neuter clinic, such as the Big Fix Clinic, in your area. The MARL program is detailed below.

Pet overpopulation is a community issue and we all need to continue to work together to reduce animal euthanasia and increase placement of unwanted and abandoned animals in new second chance homes.


In cooperation with veterinarians of Jackson & surrounding communities, MARL, the Mississippi Animal Rescue League has developed a plan to provide reduced cost spay/neuter services to pet owners on fixed incomes.

You may qualify for this program if you receive any of the following:

  • Medicaid, Medicare
  • VA Disability
  • Social Security Disability
  • Current Unemployment Benefits
  • Social Security Retirement
  • Food Stamps
  • SNAP
  • Veterans
  • This program is limited to only persons who meet these guidelines. You will be asked to show proof of your low or fixed income status.

What Does It Cost?

Male and Female Cats…………….$45

Male and Female Dogs……………$60